September 27, 2020

A Shift in Fashion

Fact: Most (Not All) of the selections featured on are items designed by Black Female Creatives. That's important to me. Of course Fashionistas love popular “Popular Mainstream International Brands”.

But those brands come with a stiff price tag too. I also won't ignore the fact that these "brands profit" from our communities, but rarely do they return that energy. But they're not obligated to do so either.

The bright side of the situation is that there is a birthing of black creatives who now have platforms in order to be able to showcase their own talents, services and products.

As long as we have a platform, opportunity, and information, we have a voice. We no longer have to fight for a seat at the table, we can just build our own table. 

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Know your power and flourish in it.


Kake Lanae


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