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Quarantine Comfort

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, I reflect on the last 9 months, and the journey we've all experienced thus far. At this point, all I can say is "Whew Chile! 2020 played no games". COVID-19 came on the scene, caught us all off guard, and life hasn’t been the same since. I keep hearing the phrase "This is the new normal"  and I keep asking; What is normal?? COVID has infiltrated every aspect of life, and the Fashion Industry is not Immune to the shenanigans. Many popular mainstream brands are filing bankruptcy and/or are closing their storefront locations. Even before COVID, malls across the country where seeing less foot traffic. This has everything to do with so many opting to shop online as a means to save time and money. Now that we have an entire pandemic on our hands, online shopping is almost a requirement for the survival of one’s mental well-being.  As a result many malls are closing their doors for good leaving thousands of retail workers unemployed.

COVID has also found a way to influence what's trendy in the fashion world. As I look around and take note to what women are wearing, I'm getting a lot of "minimalist" energy. Cotton, stretch, and comfort are near mandatory. Which makes sense, cotton (in my mind) = comfort, and in most cases, it's easy to clean.  The thought of going back and forth to the local dry cleaners in the midst of a pandemic seems pointless, unless of course you're back in the office on a regular basis.  

Active Wear sets are extremely popular right now, and were all Spring and Summer long.  Active wear sets are the perfect balance between active and comfort. They are perfect if you wanna be active and perfect if you don't!  And it's a set! Can you say "hello I'll be ready in 20 mins" and actually mean it? 

The pandemic will probably continue to influence our day to day, including our clothes and I won't be surprised if we see more pandemic influenced designs on the run way this coming fall! 

Check out the Casual and Active Wear sets we gathered on UppTrendz.com Come find your balance in between Active and Comfort! 


Kake Lanae

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Empress Q
Empress Q

October 13, 2020

The World as we knew it may never ever be the same. The pandemic introduced lessons we didn’t know we needed. It introduced us to what it felt like to not be in total control of your own movements. It taught us to sit down…. the greatest thing about that (although seen more negatively than not) is WE went WITHIN! Look around Us! The Glow is REAL! How many of Us started that business? How many of Us got back to that hobby we have been putting off for 10-15 years? How many of Us became more aware of just who we are? How many of Us started Our gardens? I could go on and on but I think I have made my point. As nasty as Covid has been, it allowed those dead ‘flowers’ to bloom again! It opened us into a world where we should have been all along! It allowed Us to see that we could indeed ‘Heal’ Ourselves. We chose Natural remedies over an ER visit, we chose to build our immune system naturally! We surely have a long way to go as a society but in my opinion we are off to the start we needed! Empress Q signing off as I lay here in my Cotton Star two piece loungewear before I drift off into dream land!

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