December 01, 2020

To me, nothing says winter like a cup of hot chocolate, a hot cinnamon roll, a bunch of snow and a Fur coat! Fur coats have been trending a lot over the last few years and this year is no different. But don’t confuse the Fur coats of today, with the ones our mothers and rich aunties wore. Fur coats in 2020 are available in all different colors, cuts and styles. As a little girl, I associated Fur coats with Diahann Carroll and Joan Collins from Dynasty. They always looked so luxurious!  You knew when they threw on that Fur it was about to go down!

But it’s a new day folks! The different options in Fur now available to designers and manufacturers i.e

-Synthetic Fur (man maid)
-Mixed Fur (a mixture of animal fur and synthetic fur), or
-Natural (pure animal fur)

make Furs' in super high demand and it makes them even more accessible to everyday people! It’s a whole new world of Fur! The best part is, to get the luxury look you, no longer have to fork over a bag full of money, nor do you have to know someone in the infamous “Garnet District” in NYC, walk up 5 flights of steep stairs, in the back of a Smokey warehouse just to price negotiate with an unauthorized retailer to get your hands on Fur. Nope! Thanks to the internet those days are O V E R! Cheers to luxury being available to all!

Check out Outerwear Collection on UppTrendz and look over our hand picked selections. We have a number of Fur’s in the Synthetic and mixed categories we're sure you'll love!

Have you always wanted a Fur? Have you been to the garment district in NYC? Do you have a preference over Natural, Mixed or Synthetic Furs? We would love to hear from you! Lets chat in the comments!

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